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Thanks to PROLICENT, software publishers now have a simple and effective way to manage the personal data they have to process.  ProLicent provides a GDPR “as a Service” API that can be quickly integrated into your current software solution.
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Consent management

A GDPR API makes it possible to collect consents: T&Cs, conditions of sale, privacy policy, forms and so on, and can furnish the necessary information as and when required

Record of data processing

ProLicent is a powerful tool with an integrated database specifically designed for software publishers using a catalogue of pre-populated templates

Exercise of rights

The solution integrates functions for requesting rights to access, limit and delete personal data, allowing users to exercise their rights under the GDPR.

High-performance combined solution
Software publishers & GDPR obligations
In the vast majority of cases, a publisher will be handling personal data and is required by law to comply with the obligations of the GDPR. ProLicent gives you access to:
Record of data processing
Supervisory authority report
Outsourcing report
Management of user agreements on data processing
Exercise of data subjects’ rights
Consent management
Security breach log
Our GDPR “as a Service” API integrates easily into your primary application. As a result, the people in charge of GDPR within your companywill be able to fully control and secure your application through ProLicent’smulti-user interface.

Thanks to ProlIcent, you will always have a 360° view of all the personal data in your application!
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Simplified consent
Consent management
The ProLicent solution has a consent management module. This allows consents to be collected processed and stored easily. It will then associate the consents with the forms of processing recorded as well as with documents such as T&Cs, Privacy Policy, commercial forms,... thus optimising their compliance.
Simply integrate the consent collection module
Manage documents (T&Cs, POLICY,...) and their versions
Search for and monitor consents from the application catalogue
Strengthen your compliance
CARTOGRAPHIE collaborative
Registry database
Build up your data registry quickly and simply using our treatment examples. Take advantage of a collaborative application that is capable of tracking contributions from different departments. Structure the information in your database reliably to facilitate its management and to make the use of the data intuitive for your entire ecosystem.
Persons concerned
Exercise of peoples’ rights
The people whose personal data you use have rights to their data. You must allow them to exercise these rights by providing them with a response within a maximum period of one month.  ProLicent provides features in its GDPR “as a Service” API to facilitate the management of data access requests.
The application includes:
A JavaScript code that can be integrated into your application for collecting requests for access rights
An interface for the administration of requests
A supervision dashboard
An automated workflow with verification emails
Simplified integration with RPA (Robotic Process Automation) solutions, to automate collection
Why choose ProLicent?
Prolicent’s this GDPR “as a Service” API simplifies the actions and steps you need to take under the GDPR and their implementation. This approachhas allowed many publishers to raise their clients’ level of confidence in the way their personal data is used and processed.
Data breaches
The complexity of IT environments and the multitude of data to be processed both considerably increase the number of risks, especially as concerns data breaches. Data breaches only happen to other people! For France alone in 2018, data breaches costed businesses more than $4.27 billion.

In an economic climate where the protection and security of personal data is an essential element, ProLicent is your pathway to efficiency.
Flaw, declare and manage
Data breach, declarations and management in France, following an attack, a business has lost the confidence of the customer and on average 4.5% of its customers leave.

The timescale for declaring data breach is very short: 72 hours! How can this loophole be managed in relation to the regulatory authority, your customers, processors, or suppliers?

ProLicent offers you a simple and intuitive interface based on an established formula, which in a few clicks enables you to draw up a usable document and able to be shared with all parties concerned.
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