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Thanks to ProLicent, businesses can from now on get a clear and precise view of personal data, which they are obliged to process in regard to GDPR. They benefit from improved management to identify new opportunities.
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ProLicent is a powerful tool, which allows in a simple manner to identify the processing of personal data in your business and your eco-system.


Thanks to its collaborative structure, ProLicent organizes the sharing of information between your various services, departments and subsidiaries


ProLicent is structured on the basis of a Data Privacy-driven rule engine, which assists the rapid and ready harnessing of all your personal data.

Record Of Processing Activities &
Data privacy Rules Engine
Personal data is extensively collected by the business. It must then be analyzed, sorted, segmented, then qualified in a reliable and quick manner. Beyond the simple Windows registry, necessary but insufficient, ProLicent aims to combine them under one DataPrivacy rule engine. You are thus able to make a complete map of personal data processing, specific to your needs, which can be harnessed easily.
The ProLicent solution has been designed to identify, then visualize the different points of entry for each piece of personal data. It also authorizes updates, by increments to your mapping.

Thanks to ProLicent, you will have a permanent 360° view of all personal data in circulation at your business!
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Record of Processing Activities
Simply and easily form your RecordOf Processing Activities thanks to our processing examples. Benefit from a collaborative application, able to monitor the contribution made by different departments. Structure the information on your registry in a reliable manner, in order to manage more easily and make the harnessing of data for the whole of your ecosystem intuitive.
Easily view those tasks assigned to your departments
Structure the information for different departments, services, subsidiaries and countries
Maintain easily available reports for use by the regulatory authorities and sub-processors
Benefit from a variance analysis report to help your compliance
Data Privacy Rules Engine
The solution is structured around a powerful rules engine. Its native integration with the Record Of Processing Activities offers an exhaustive harnessing of the information in all your personal data processes.

The module includes three main repositories:
Type of data
Processing activities
Audit of your processors
ProLicent allows you to satisfy yourself on GDPR compliance of data that you
transfer to your processors.Our solution offers a dramatic reduction in
the risk of error and its associated costs.
Automation of tasks in regard to audits simplifies the control process.

The module includes:
A reliable visualization of those actions made by your sub-processors regarding the use of personal data that you entrust them with
A governance system for data in your eco-system
Optimized management to protect and maintain the confidentiality of your personal data
The audit, a tangible benefit for the business
Personal data management isa key factor for the success between a business and its sub-processors.
The audit module offered by ProLicent, turns those needs imposed by legislation into a strong
added value for your business
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Data breaches
The complexity of IT environments and the multitude of data to be processed both considerably increase the number of risks, especially as concerns data breaches. Data breaches only happen to other people! For France alone in 2018, data breaches costed businesses more than $4.27 billion.

This module includes:
Consolidated reports to supervise the management of data breach and observe the 72-hour turnaround times
Workflows guarantee the quality of management for this data breach
Flaw, declare and manage
Data breach, declarations and management in France, following an attack, a business has lost the confidence of the customer and on average 4.5% of its customers leave.

The timescale for declaring data breach is very short: 72 hours! How can this loophole be managed in relation to the regulatory authority, your customers, processors, or suppliers?

ProLicent offers you a simple and intuitive interface based on an established formula, which in a few clicks enables you to draw up a usable document and able to be shared with all parties concerned.
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GDPR Management Platform
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