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Our solution

Full GDPR register management software for corporate organisations

Mapping of your processing

Sets up internal processes to collect and manage your processing in order to develop a complete map of your personal data (PI/PII).

Multi RPA

Provides a tailor-made solution designed to establish a GDPR policy through extensive Records of Processing Activities.


By using our predefined KPI facilities, DPOs, business managers and data controllers can easily manage their GDPR strategies.


Produces comprehensive reports to your data protection authority that proves your compliancy.

Data processors

Provide a quick and easy solution to manage processing operations with all your data processors.


The ProLicent processes facilitate collaborative work between different departments within your company.

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Build a PI & PII inventory, automate GDPR subject, manage your data processors

Get a 360 degree view of your Personal Data

Our predefined KPI view allows you to control the processing of your activities in real time.


Create your processing

Get peace of mind by simply creating your processing and benefit from receiving online help.


Assign processing through your stakeholders

Whatever your role, whether you are data controller,  data processor or joint-controller, you will be able to interactively manage your processing to ensure you are fully compliant with GDPR statutory rules.


What makes us unique

Collaboration, clustering, transitivity
and also our european DNA


Thanks to ProLicent, DPOs can delegate creation of the processing operations or updating them to another Business Unit.


The global DPO deploys a cluster of Records of Processing Activities through the entire group. It will allow him to obtain a global overview of his RPAs.


ProLicent enables organizations to assign processing operations to the proper data processor. The resultant process can be managed jointly.


ProLicent is a French company. Our R&D department is based in Paris and our datacentre is also based in France. This guarantees full compliance with GDPR rules.

What's Next with ProLicent?

Our R&D department will create solutions for future needs

Simplify your Records of Processing Activities

Our solution helps organizations by providing a centralized view of personal and private data distributed across corporate data repositories in order to meet GDPR requirements.

It facilitates strengthening the tracability and auditability of the processing operations to ensure regulatory compliance.

ProLicent provides a complete solution for your GDPR requirements for your whole corporate organisation.

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