UiPath was recognized in the “Forrester Wave™ report as being the leader in the area of the Robotic Process Automation, (T4 2019”), obtaining the highest scores possible in the categories“Strategy and Presence on the market”, and the highest position of all suppliers evaluated under the category of “Current Offer”.
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What is RPA?

RPA stands for Robotic Process Automation. This relates to “robot” software able to execute pre-programed tasks. This robot is capable of capturing and interpreting information already contained in various applications. Combined with the ProLicent rule engine, the RPA automates “GDPR actions”, to ease management and processing.

Advantage of RPA in association with ProLicent

ProLicent features all the functionalities specific to GDPR. It allows the business’s DPO, or a “PersonalData point of contact” to preserve the occupational policy that he requires.The native integration in our back-end of UiPath’s robotic processes and the links that we operate with processing present in the ProLicent Registry is proof of rapid implementation and compliance with the requirements of the GDPR.

Robotic Process Automation
Take the road to success by
using RPA
ProLicent & UiPath
Proof of concept
An RPA approach can boost the success of the GDPR project. It could equally determine what role it is to play in the implementation model. To arrive there efficiently, we recommend the following steps:
Establish the proof of concept
Define an implementation model for the RPA for several GDPR processes
Integrate the RPA team, if already existent
UiPath Studio, Orchestrator, Robot
The UiPath robot can play the role of an assistant working effectively at your side, under supervision or it could process in a silent and autonomous manner large volume tasks and not require any human intervention.
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