ProLicent & UiPath

ProLicent has developed a unique partnership with UiPath. The advanced integration of the two solutions enables the offer of unique value around automation of the GDPR process. This integration is the guarantor of an optimized budget and a very high-grade service to your GDPR processes.
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Implementing both solutions
gives time-savings of up to
70% in the processing of
GDPR tasks.

Cost optimization

The ProLicent + UiPath combination allows a dramatic reduction of those repetitive tasks normally carried out by employees. This translates into economies of perhaps up to 45%.

Better quality

Automating your processes, after having them optimized, allows improvements to the quality of personal data management in your business and regaining the trust of individuals in the use of such data.

Right of access to data and automation
Our module for rights request management allows the managing of all types of requests: right to be informed, right of access, right of rectification, right of deletion, etc. This module orchestrates automated software and allows management of all personal data for whatever applications may be used by the business.
Automate to simplify
Establish a higher confidence level among your employees, customers and your suppliers
The pseudonymization module allows, following a triggering event for its application, to substitute a token for any type of personal data. Accordingly, by use of our token engine, the ProLicent application allows retrieval of the original data in a secure manner.
Consolidate consents
The applications and solutions in use are numerous within any business collecting personal data and needing the consent of the individuals concerned. ProLicent allows this collation work to be carried out and then proceed with the consolidation of all consents. Thanks to our consent management module, suitable communication strategies can be implemented.
Portability and automation
The Data Transfer Project program make possible the portability of personal data from one organization to another, for example, between two businesses, without having systematically to replicate those actions already done by one of them. ProLicent has a role in this approach, by proposing a structure and automated process for these transfers on the basis of this protocol. Such portability is considered to day as a new way of capturing customers for the business.
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